The added artistry that makes the party

by • April 29, 2015 • May 2015

By Jody Robinson

Animal-Balloon-BookendAll the details involved in hosting back-to-back bashes at our home for our son’s 8th and daughter’s 7th birthdays was a little overwhelming. There were friends from our son’s class arriving first for a celebration scheduled from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. while my daughter’s school friends would be at the house between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Then there were family friends of both children who would stay for some part of each party or the entire event.

Planning presented even more of a challenge because we wanted to make sure the kids were safe, supervised and totally entertained.

We rented a bounce house so they could expend some of their seemingly endless energy and set up indoor games and activities designed for both boys and girls … but I have to say that the best single investment we made that day was in soliciting the services of Bob the Balloon Guy.

Bob made the process seamless from start to finish – he arrived early armed with an array of artistic balloon creations that were unlike any I’d ever seen – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shells and jet packs the kids could actually wear on their backs, super elaborate “birthday hats” in a rainbow of colors, Barbie sitting in her own pink automobile, unicorns, mermaids, superheroes and more. Many were already prepared the night before and were quickly claimed, so Bob twisted copies for each of the clamoring kids – some of whom kept sneaking back into the line for a second or third balloon invention.

When Bob pulled out the air pumps and let the kids try their hand at blowing up the balloons themselves, the party really got started.

In addition to the truly unique balloon creations, the other moms and I were particularly impressed with the way Bob “managed” the children. We like to think the event was “controlled mayhem” and Bob went a long way toward ensuring that the kids were having a ball, but were also respectful and polite in waiting for their turn. Every mom in attendance commented on Bob’s patience and artistry and asked for his card to coordinate their own kids’ upcoming birthday parties and gatherings.

We couldn’t have asked for a more successful event – happy parents, happy kids. Thanks Bob!

Bob the Balloon Guy can be reached at (714) 316-3479.

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