Standout Students: Melody Lee and Sasha Janet

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MELODY LEE // Orange County School of the Arts // Class of 2015

“Melody Lee has been a tremendous help to her school, her community and the world she lives in,” says Paige Oden, director of the Visual Arts Conservatory at the Orange County School of the Arts, where Melody is a junior. “Melody is always thinking…thinking beyond her own 16-year-old world and instead of the greater world, a world that can be improved by the creative and thoughtful actions of each individual.”

Melody has been community-minded since she was a child, earning  Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards through Girl Scouts. By the time she arrived at OCSA, she was ready to step into leadership roles. She is in charge of the Buddy/Mentor Program at OCSA and an active member of the Visual Arts Club, National Honors Society, Leadership Forum and even the Fashion Club. Close to her heart is a club she founded called TAPIA (Take a Part in Art), the

Melody Lee of Orange County School of the Arts

Melody Lee of Orange County School of the Arts

main purpose of which is to promote the importance of Visual Arts as well as its ability to impact the individual and the community.

Last year Melody entered a video for the Student Voices Campaign Video Contest that answered the question “Why do the arts matter?” She won first place, and presented the prize, an Adobe video editing software, to the student film makers of FilamuJuani (located in Kenya) to assist them in making more videos. Melody plans to double major in art and one of the sciences, and is considering a career in art therapy.

SASHA JANET // Halstrom Academy // Class of 2015

For Sasha Janet, high school junior and 4.0 student, something she says most of her friends wouldn’t know about her is how much she enjoys school and learning. It’s her first year as a full-time student learning one-to-one at Halstrom Academy, and she’s loving school more than ever. With Halstrom, she finds she has time and energy to be fully committed to school as well as to her passion for horseback riding and competitive jumping, a sport for which she is nationally ranked.

In school, Sasha is particularly fond of science classes. “I have always enjoyed science as my favorite subject. Right now I’m really enjoying my chemistry

Sasha Janet of Halstrom Academy

Sasha Janet of Halstrom Academy

class and my teacher at Halstrom makes it even more enjoyable and interesting to study.” Sasha hasn’t decided where she wants to go to college, but she has her sights on studying veterinary medicine and becoming a veterinarian for large animals.

When she is not in school, she spends many hours at Pacific Coast Show Jumpers where she trains and periodically volunteers. She also shows several times each month at various “A” rated equestrian shows. Sasha also volunteers a couple of days each month doing front desk work at her father’s pharmacy and enjoys being able to support him. “I look up to my family as my role models. I’m so lucky to have their support in everything I do and the choices I make.” M

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