Mompreneur: Kathy Dahl Crifasi

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Kathy Dahl Crifasi is a mompreneur. She’s not just the amazing woman that created a hugely successful product, she’s also an inspiring mother that changed the way people store their goods on the go.

Her invention? Hipzbag®: the trendy, fashion-forward incarnation of the fanny pack popularized in the 1980s – a functional accessory worn with a waist-looped strap or attached to your pants’ belt loops with patent-pending swivel hooks. The zippered pouch can hold anything you need for a day at the amusement park, gym, store or club. It also has a deep-pocketed back pouch for any of your additional must-have items. These sassy little bags were launched at the 2010 Oscars Gifting Suite and quickly gained the attention of national media and celebrities. It has been featured in OK! Magazine, the Kids Choice Awards, the Emmy Gifting Suites, and scores of print publications and websites.

Kathy’s inspiration to create the Hipzbag® came about when realized a mom-on-the-go such as herself needed something to help make her phone easily accessible when she was out and about. “I looked for over a year and could not find anything that would suit my needs. I almost bought a fanny pack, but was just too cool for that! So, I created Hipzbags,” says Kathy.

Featured on QVC in 2011 and known as a 5-Star best seller/rating, the Hipzbag® is quickly becoming a household name. “Our patents have also helped us get this far. It’s a product that once someone learns about it, they tell their friends who tells their friends. Word of mouth has been great for us,” she adds.

When Kathy started out, she had no idea how huge Hipzbag® would become. She was primarily trying to solve a problem for herself. Little did

she know what a tremendous inspiration she would become for others. She quickly sought out opportunities to build her business by attending trade shows, business networking events, di- versity groups, the Oscars Gifting Suites, marketing/social media seminars and trademark/ patent meetings. “I did everything I could to get out into the business world. I gained so much more in the conversations I had and people I met that would launch me into the next thing I would be doing. I had incredible friends to remind me how much they loved Hipzbags whenever I had a bad day. They always inspired me to keep going,” Kathy says.

Kathy’s success has continued to grow, and she’s recently added a larger “Pass- port” bag to accommodate larger phones, cameras, passports and more. The Passport size measures 5.5” by 5.5”, while the Original Hipzbag® measures 4.5” by 4.5”. There is also high demand for her to expand her brand internationally.

Those close to Kathy claim she is a force to be reckoned with and she encourages friends and colleagues to chase their dreams. “When people ask me why I am doing this, I ask why not? It really is true that if you are passionate about your work, it is not work,” she says.

But how does she manage to juggle being a full-time mother, business owner, wife and friend? “Shifting when things are not working is important,” Kathy advises. “I am always conscious of Hipzbag® as a business – not so much if things right or wrong or my opinion of how it should be, but truly how things are really working. If something is not working smoothly, then I need to shift my way of being. I have the most sup- portive family and circle of friends any- one could ask for. They are always coming to me with fresh ideas and to lend an ear after a hard day. That’s key.”

One thing’s for sure: Hipzbag®is a suc- cessful business built on the courage of one and the support and love of many. Kathy is always eager to share things she’s learned along the way. “If some- thing is not working in my life or busi- ness, I take it as a learning opportunity. I ask myself, what is the lesson? What’s to learn? This helps me grow.”

To connect with Kathy or to view the Hipzbag® online, visit

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