MAKE THIS: Lawn Twister

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When I was a kid, Twister was all the rage. At every single birthday party I can remember attending between third and seventh grade, we played and played and played until we were tangled in a hysterical pile, laughing till our sides hurt. For about $20, you can create a simple game of Lawn Twister that will keep the kids in giggles for the whole night!

Materials Needed

(4) Cans Rust Oleum Marking Paint – red, yellow, green, blue (about $5/ea. at Home Depot)

Cardboard box

Cardboard or foam core board to use as a stencil


Twister game spinner (optional)

Make it:

1) I started by jimmy-rigging a compass, (see photo) tracing the outline of a circle in the foam core board, and cutting it out to use as a stencil through which I could spray the marking paint on the lawn. (Adults, you may want to do this part, as you will probably need an Xacto knife, or scissors to do the trick.)

2) Once you’ve got your stencil, set a line of twine down on the lawn to act as a ruler to keep your four rows of dots in as straight a line as possible.

3) Set the stencil on the lawn, and the cardboard box over it to contain any excess spray. Spray one row of colors at a time; red, blue, green and yellow. 6 dots each, 4 lines total.

4) If you already have the indoor version of Twister, simply use the spinner to call out directions to the kiddos. (Right hand blue! Left foot green!) If not, you can just call out instructions to get them as twisted as possible.


Michelle Koeppl started making at an early age, finding that getting her hands dirty was way more fun when there was a project in progress! She’s gotten those hands into everything from skateboard ramps to homemade jewelry to lawn games, and loves seeing what she can pull together with items she has laying around the house.

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