If Your Teenager is spending countless hours posting and scrolling on social media, here’s some reassurance

by • August 28, 2017 • Current Issue, Expert Advice

I’m sure most parents are at least somewhat familiar with the various social media platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) into which their teens invest a seemingly inordinate amount of energy and focus. I’m equally confident that many moms and dads likely view texting and posting selfies as a waste of time.

Social media was invented for the sole purpose of connecting people.

Your teenager probably has friends across the country and around the world. Instagram and Snapchat are perfect platforms to share videos and photos – keeping the lines of communication open to deepen and maintain long-distance friendships. For example, I have a friend who lives in Italy and Snapchat has allowed us to stay connected through silly selfies.

Social media provides access to information, videos and imagery that cater to your teenager’s interests and can motivate him or her to follow his or her passions.

For example, thanks to Instagram and the like your teen who loves to bake can experiment with cultural recipes and cooking tutorials from around the globe – and improve his or her skills through the exposure. Via social media, your teen can explore a multitude of different hobbies that range from music, journalism, sports, or art to history, photography and more. Your teen can expand his or her depth and breadth of knowledge to flourish and literally find his or her passion just by tapping away on her or her cell phone.

Social media can allow teenagers to feel as though they a part of an (online) group.

Even if your teen feels isolated around his or her classmates, scouting out online friends with similar personalities, interests and passions can help your teenager feel less ostracized and alone.

While I agree that social media can be a time consuming pastime, I like to think that the time we teens spend on social media might not be as completely meaningless as our parents might have us believe.

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