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If your teenager is dreading the arrival of the 2014-2015 school year, here’s some reassurance that, in fact, everything will be just fine.

As the sweltering heat arrives at its peak in Southern California, so arrives the back-to-school madness. It slowly begins in late July, when the foreboding back-to-school commercials peak in their plot to sell nervous incoming students the newest line of backpacks and pens. It progresses when the flyers from your “friendly” neighborhood office supply stores start to arrive, attempting to catalog what most adolescents would consider instruments of torture. However, we all know it’s the letters sent from schools, reminding students of what they have only dreaded all summer long: school starts again.

Although it seems it was only yesterday your teenager was freed from her or his ten-month cage, the first day of school is dawning on them once again, and chances are they’re not thrilled about it. So how do you ease their dread?

First things first, take advantage of whatever’s left of summer vacation. Check in on your teenager’s summer wish-to-do list, and do what you can to help check everything off. Your ultimate goal is to make sure she or he returns to school without regretting how the summer was spent. If your teenager actually accomplished all they were hoping to do, go ahead and get the family together to brainstorm an end-of-summer plan. Maybe take a short road trip that would create memories to last throughout the school year, go camping at your family’s favorite campgrounds, or host a party for family friends – specifically your teenager’s friends. There are countless ways to guarantee a memorable summer before the first day of school dawns.

Along with making the summer successful, it’s also important to make sure that your teenager’s school year will be exceedingly successful. To ensure this, it’s necessary that they are equipped. Of course your teenager is undoubtedly having nightmares from those back-to-school commercials, so mark a single day of back-to-school shopping, and have your teenager compile a list of what they know they need for the upcoming school year so you can get the shopping done in record time.

It’s important to recognize that summer won’t be back around for another nine-and-a-half months. Summer is great for quality family and friend time; see going back to school as an opportunity to strengthen the relationships built and the memories made. Anyway, who wants to stay outside in the Southern California summer heat any longer? Air-conditioned classrooms, here we come. M


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