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If your teenager has begun to wear outfits that strangely resemble your wardrobe from the 1980’s, have no fear.

Or rather, be at peace that your child is not the only one. Today’s popular fashion has adapted many iconic 80’s favorites. From eccentric hairstyles to awkwardly baggy sweaters, 80’s fashion has found its way back in this decade.

We’ve taken to (over) wearing high-waisted bottoms. We’ve brought back the baggy denim jackets. We’ve adopted the florid floral print. We’ve taken the oh-so-famous straight jean and made it our own by tightening them until no more tights could be tightened. Overall, we’ve taken 80’s fashion and transformed it into our own.

However, it’s not merely the fashion itself. It’s also the mindset.

It almost seems as if, in this decade, our desire to be as distinguished and attention-catching as possible shares its roots with the same desire our parents felt in the 80’s. So many obsess over being utterly different from the crowd. Wardrobe is the method we have chosen of setting ourselves apart, quite parallel to the 80’s. Was fashion so distinct in the 90’s? I might argue no. In fact, you might even say the grunge-to-conservative styles of the 90’s (MC Hammer pants aside) were a reaction to the loud decadence of the 80’s.

We see a prominent example of this parallel today in our celebrities. Take stars such as Cyndi Lauper and Madonna who were so defined in their fashion choices, and you can see that definition in modern stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Or the way modern singer Adam Lambert parallels the fashion of Boy George.

It doesn’t just stop at fashion. Modern culture also has people re-discovering value in VHS tapes and cassettes. We’ve started to wipe the dust off our parents’ Walkmans® and VCR’s, and have brought back the obnoxious sounds of rewinding.

Whether it be fashion or music or media, the 1980’s has clawed its way into our modern life, influencing our ways of living. So the next time your teenager’s wardrobe triggers conflicting memories of your 1980’s self, just relax and remember: teens just wanna have fun.


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