DIY Chalkboard Serving Tray

by • July 7, 2016 • August 2016, Decor & Crafts

The summer season is in full swing and so are the parties!  Maintain your Hostess with the Mostess title with this Chalkboard Party Tray.  It’s the perfect way to serve up goodies at your next gathering!



  • Wood board (we bought a 10’ piece of 2×10 at Home Depot & had it cut into 4 pieces @ 2.5’ each)
  • Wood stain
  • Large foam brush
  • Rag or paper towels
  • Chalkboard spray paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Finishing spray (we used Satin finish)
  • Sand paper (or electric sander if available)
  • Gorilla Glue Gel
  • Drawer pulls


  1. Sand the board until smooth.
  2. Using foam brush, wipe 1 coat of stain onto board. After 5-10 minutes, wipe clean with rag or paper towels.
  3. Once dry, sand the edges and corners to distress.
  4. Spray board with finishing spray.
  5. Using painter’s tape, mark off at least 1” of the board along the edges. Feel free to mark off a wider area if desired. Smooth out, ensuring the edges of the tape are sealed. Note: To prevent the chalkboard spray from getting anywhere else, be sure to cover the sides of the board with the painter’s tape as well.
  6. Spray 2-3 coats of Chalkboard paint onto board. Once dry, remove tape.
  7. Generously apply Gorilla Glue Gel to drawer pull while still ensuring the glue will not squeeze out onto visible part of board. Attach pulls to board ends. Note: This stuff is STRONG and it dries pretty quickly. You’ll be able to hold your board by the handles without any issues!
  8. You’re ready to impress your friends at your next party with this fun and functional party tray!

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