Club Literacy: Creating a New World of Words

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In a day in age when most ten year-olds have their own cell phone, and are, at many schools, required to have their own laptop, the demand for true literacy is faltering; and therefore incredibly precious. So what are parents to do prior to age 10, when game apps and screen time take over, and many children’s love of books and reading falls by the wayside?

Tracey Pringle likes to think that instilling a love of literacy early on is the best way to develop lifelong achievers, and is betting her livelihood on it. With Club Literacy, Mrs. Pringle has turned a typical education center into a nurturing environment in which all children are encouraged and guided to reach their creative and academic potential. Dedicated to the development of lifelong readers, Club Literacy was born out of two Bachelors degrees, one in Speech Communication, one in Early Education – and eight successful years in the trenches of public school, teaching Kindergarten through Fourth grade.

“My proudest moments have been seeing my own children develop a strong love of literature,” says Tracey. “I’m a literacy advocate, through and through.”

Credentialed in both California and North Carolina, Tracey also travels internationally to research effective educational techniques. Offering both specialty summer classes and a full lineup for the fall, Club Literacy is gearing up for another reading year. “We start with the basics – we’ll meet those ABC’s any way we can!”

ABC Club, for ages 4-5 introduces to club members through fun and exciting books, fairy tales, fables, poems, and parodies. Students enjoy getting to build friendships with each other as they greet the world of letters. There is a special emphasis on multisensory activities in order to best match all students’ learning styles.

Specially designed for full and half-day kindergartners, Kindergarten Smart Start and Early Literacy both explore further the ideas and shapes of the ABC’s, building the foundation of reading readiness. Beyond simple recognition and sound links, students are provided with the opportunity to engage in cooking experiments, themed dress-ups, phonics games, creative dramatics, and even collaborate with the rest of the class to publish a class book. According to a 2013 study from the U.S. Department of Education, approximately 32 million adults in the United States can’t read. Stopping that trend before it starts, with tender, loving encouragement is a priceless gift, and Tracey and her team are proud to send students home with a wide variety of tools to succeed.

Kids progress through 123-ABC Math Journals and Book Bunch, where true-to-life mathematical situations are provided to explore and investigate. With reading, as with mathematics, the sooner a child can demonstrate their reasoning and illustrate their thinking, the stronger their confidence will be later on in school. “Many problems have multiple solutions, and by giving students the chance to work through them, we reinforce phonic skills, and basic word sight recognition. Simultaneously, writing skills are strengthened!”

As a mom whose elementary-aged daughter has attended Camp Literacy’s summer camps and reading classes, I can personally attest to the fact that while what Tracey provides is a focused learning experience, she does so in an environment of fun and creativity – my daughter absolutely LOVES everything about being a part of the Club Literacy “family,” from the camaraderie and encouragement to the educational activities.

Tracey, a 2010 recipient of the WomanSage Award for her work in Child Development, loves nothing more than getting buddies together and working towards success – and her Book Bunch is exactly that. “Their collective goal is to become great readers and writers, and by placing an emphasis on phonic skills and word recognition, students exploration of the worlds of pirates, mermaids, and sea monsters becomes an opportunity, not just a magic story hour.”

And before you know it – that child who would rather look at their smartphone will be saying the three little words every parent wants to hear (not “Mom, more dessert”). More. Books. Please.

Connect with Tracey by calling (949) 717-6624 or visit

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