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Two Days in the City by the Bay: Packing in the Family Fun in San Francisco

September 1, 2014 • 2014, TravelComments (0)

by Ann Laurence As the summer wound down to its final days before the crazy chaos that was sure to descend upon our household with the start of the new school year, our family of four decided to coordinate a couple of fun days away. With two young children (ages 6 and 7) in tow, [&hellip...

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A Friend in the Irish Sea

May 1, 2014 • 2014, May 2014, TravelComments (0)

Travel has always been a passion of mine and I truly love visiting new places.  While I try to explore new locations as often as possible, I always find myself being drawn back to a little country town in Ireland named Dingle. After a certain amount of...

Galapagos with a Toddler: Evolving Your Sense of Family Travel Possibilities

April 4, 2014 • 2014, April 2014, Toddlers, TravelComments (0)

When we tell other parents that we took our two-year-old toddler to the Galapagos Islands they usually have one of two reactions – one, they think we’re crazy, or two, they ask how they can do the same. For those of you fitting into the latter category,...

Chasing History and Memories on the East Coast

April 4, 2014 • 2014, April 2014, TravelComments (0)

Chasing History and Memories: A whirlwind family road trip to the East Coast I had been looking forward to the 2013-2014 school year for over a decade. It was the year that our three children would be in 5th, 8th and 11th grades – all the years in which...

Tahoe Has It All: Spring Dreams, Summer Memories, Autumn Colors, Winter Wonder

April 4, 2014 • 2014, April 2014, TravelComments (0)

Lake Tahoe is one of my very favorite places on the planet. I’ve been lucky enough to visit South Shore many times over the years, but some of the best memories I’ve made have been from vacations our family has taken in recent years with close friends....

It Happens Every Spring: Family Travel Rules to Think About Before Touring with Children

April 4, 2014 • 2014, April 2014, Babies, Big Kids, Expert Advice, Home Life, Teens and Pre-Teens, Toddlers, TravelComments (0)

IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING: Family travel rules to think about before touring with children It’s that time again: Swallows gliding back to Capistrano (we hope), baseball teams sliding in for Spring Training, and people calling their attorneys wondering what...

Wild Times: African Safaris Great for Families

April 4, 2014 • 2014, April 2014, TravelComments (1)

I thought that my adventure days were over when I settled down, got married and had kids. But what I didn’t realize was that they were really just beginning. Not only is parenting an everyday adventure, but traveling with you children, watching them...

Nutrition Drill-Down: Safe Water, Wherever Travels Take Your Family

April 4, 2014 • 2014, April 2014, Expert Advice, Home Life, Sports, Health & Fitness, TravelComments (0)

by Roy Dittmann, OMD, MH, DM Whether you and your family are climbing to the top of Machu Pichu, visiting the castles of Europe, or heading for the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, chances are you are going to find yourself in an area with questionable...

Travel Apps for Families

April 4, 2014 • 2014, April 2014, Technology, TravelComments (0)

Compiled by Katherine Clements Here’s the understatement of the year: Traveling with kids can be hectic. Here are six mobile apps to make your family travels easy, enjoyable and memorable. Pack & Go Deluxe Packing List // For packing and organizing...

Discovering Mexico’s Copper Canyon: Adventure, comfort and defying fear in Mexico’s Sierra Madre

January 3, 2014 • 2014, January 2014, TravelComments (1)

My 10-year-old daughter was about to step off the edge of a sheer cliff, with nothing but 100 feet of air between her and the bottom of a canyon, deep in Mexico’s Sierra Madres. What, I asked myself, was I thinking? If her hook didn’t hold, or if the zip...