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Diaper Bag Essentials

April 2, 2016 • 2016, April 2016, Education & Learning, Expert AdviceComments (0)

As any new mom can attest, keeping little ones clean, fed and entertained can be especially tricky when you’re on the move.  An organized – and appropriately stocked – diaper bag helps ensure that you have the tools you need to keep your baby comfortable and happy, wherever you are traveling or just trekking to [&hellip...

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A Lifetime of Healthy Teeth

February 4, 2015 • Expert Advice, February 2015Comments (0)

How Parents Can Help their Children Combat the #1 Chronic Childhood Illness By Richard Mungo, DDS, Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County Did you know tooth decay is the number one chronic childhood illness? February is National Children’s Dental...

Lessons for Future Millionaires

January 1, 2015 • 2015, Big Kids, Expert Advice, Home Life, January 2015, Money Matters, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

Giving Kids a Better Understanding of Money and Finances How do you give your children or grandchildren the right attitude about money? And a good financial start? While you can gift your child up to $14,000 a year tax-free, consider these options, wrapped up...

Q&A with Al Hensling, United American Mortgage

January 1, 2015 • 2015, Expert Advice, Home, January 2015, Money MattersComments (0)

By many industry seers’ accounts, families will be back in the market for homes in 2015. Is your family one of them? Before you pull the trigger, Al Hensling, President of United American Mortgage, offers you the following perspectives – and advice....

Reality Check

December 1, 2014 • 2014, December 2014, Expert Advice, Home Life, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

4 Things Your High School Senior Should Know Before Flying the Coop Remember when you were suffering from “senoritis” in high school, and you just couldn’t wait to graduate? Well, every year, thousands of high school seniors across Orange County still...

Remaining Flexible

December 1, 2014 • 2014, December 2014, Expert Advice, Money MattersComments (0)

When Change is the Only Constant with Tax Law, Portability Should be a Requirement, Not an Option Siriusly surfing channels last week en route to a seminar on Saturday, a selection fell on a song by Jose Mari Chan entitled “Constant Change.” The piece...

Ways the Middle Class Can Make a Difference for Charity

November 1, 2014 • 2014, Expert Advice, Money Matters, November 2014Comments (0)

You don’t need to be wealthy to make an impact and get a win-win Do you have to make a multimillion-dollar gift to a charity to receive immediate or future financial benefits? No. If you’re not yet a millionaire or simply a “millionaire next door,”...

Choose Your Weapon: Cautionary Tales of Trustee Mis-Selection

October 1, 2014 • 2014, Expert Advice, Money Matters, October 2014Comments (0)

The image is as clear as any Norman Rockwell calendar that catches a concept of childhood. Many moons past, my four-year-old son, decked out as his favorite Ninja Turtle, his hands placed adamantly on his hips, grips his two plastic Samurai swords, and from...

Better Than One: Leaving a Pot of Honey for When Guardians Don’t Feel Like Pooh

September 1, 2014 • 2014, Expert Advice, September 2014Comments (0)

For years I have been trying to help clients understand why it is a good idea to line up good guardians for their children, and to also set up helpers to manage the assets in the estate for those guardians who are bringing up the kids. Since I realize a man...

6 Signs Your Child Needs a Math Tutor

September 1, 2014 • 2014, Big Kids, Education & Learning, Expert Advice, September 2014, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

Contributed by Mathnasium Owners of Orange County Many signs reveal whether your child would benefit from extra help in math, both in and out of school. While poor grades in math are the most obvious sign that a student needs help, poor math grades happen for...