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MAKE THIS: Mason Jar Lanterns

September 1, 2014 • 2014, Big Kids, Decor & Crafts, Home Life, September 2014, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

The budget for this project depends on what you’ve already got laying around the house. With the crazy push towards rustic-chic in the last few years, it is very possible you have a few lidded mason jars hanging around! If you don’t, you can still make this project for under $15. Materials Needed (3) Lidded [&hellip...

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MAKE THIS: D.I.Y. Toy Drum @ The Makery

September 1, 2014 • 2014, Big Kids, Decor & Crafts, Home Life, September 2014Comments (0)

by Lisa Cherry, The Makery of Anaheim While visiting a big box craft store will certainly provide you with plenty of creative inspiration, crafting with children doesn’t have to be too complicated or expensive. These toy drums, for example, use mostly...

New School Year, New Standards: A Primer on the Transition to Common Core

August 1, 2014 • 2014, August 2014, Big Kids, Cover Story, Education & Learning, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

The 2014-15 school year is marking something momentous. This fall kicks off the first year that California schools will officially be implementing the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Sure, you’ve heard of it. And, yes, you’ve also heard the...

STEAM, STEM, MESA… What? : Decoding the New Learning Acronyms

August 1, 2014 • 2014, August 2014, Big Kids, Education & Learning, Teens and Pre-Teens, UncategorizedComments (0)

DECODING THE NEW LEARNING ACRONYMS I got my first cell phone when I turned 17. A junior in high school, I was a part of the first generation of students to have their phones banned in classrooms and on campus – before iMessaging, Angry Birds, and Snapchat...

What is a College Degree Really Worth?

August 1, 2014 • 2014, August 2014, Big Kids, Education & Learning, Expert Advice, Money Matters, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

Is higher education really the prerequisite for success?  Do you need a college degree to succeed? That assumption is long-entrenched, and it isn’t hard to see a relationship between education and earning power. Yet the cost and debt linked to getting a...

Beating the Summer Ear Infection

July 1, 2014 • 2014, Babies, Big Kids, Expert Advice, July 2014, Sports, Health & Fitness, ToddlersComments (0)

by Dennis A. Colucci, Au.D., M.A., FAAA Unlike the ear infection that is caused by a cold or flu, the summer ear infection, caused by swimming and foreign objects making their way into your child’s ear, is quite different and requires different care. With...

Fuzion Huntington Beach

FUZION – Meet. Eat. Play. – Huntington Beach’s New Family Entertainment Destination

June 1, 2014 • Big Kids, Cover Story, Entertainment, June 2014Comments (0)

It is this mom’s humble opinion that the nation’s most ubiquitous kids’ arcade and pizza venue grew to such heights of popularity in spite of its slightly disturbing six-foot rat. We parents have to admit that when it comes to party places and...

Cosmic Class Act: The Acting Academy for Kids Offers the Total Theater Experience

May 1, 2014 • 2014, Big Kids, Cover Story, Entertainment, May 2014, People & Profiles, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

If you haven’t yet seen the young Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial that first aired during the Super Bowl, you ought to join 59 million other people and give it a peek on YouTube. In it, a young boy dressed up as the iconic villain attempts to employ...

One Big, Happy (and Rather Unique) Family: Circus Vargas Returns to Orange County

May 1, 2014 • 2014, Big Kids, Entertainment, May 2014, People & Profiles, Special Events, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

by Jackie Grade Since 1969, Circus Vargas has travelled worldwide to perform death-defying and breathtaking circus stunts that glue onlookers of all ages to the edge of their seats. This all-human circus leaves nothing but wonder, awe and a tinge of mystery...

It Happens Every Spring: Family Travel Rules to Think About Before Touring with Children

April 4, 2014 • 2014, April 2014, Babies, Big Kids, Expert Advice, Home Life, Teens and Pre-Teens, Toddlers, TravelComments (0)

IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING: Family travel rules to think about before touring with children It’s that time again: Swallows gliding back to Capistrano (we hope), baseball teams sliding in for Spring Training, and people calling their attorneys wondering what...