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Cosmic Class Act: The Acting Academy for Kids Offers the Total Theater Experience

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If you haven’t yet seen the young Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial that first aired during the Super Bowl, you ought to join 59 million other people and give it a peek on YouTube. In it, a young boy dressed up as the iconic villain attempts to employ “The Force” around the house, but try as [&hellip...

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Many Ways to Hatch the Egg: Birthing Options for Today’s New Mom

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The birth of your child is an amazing event, and bringing a new person into this world isn’t without its preparations. Not the least of which is removing from your memory every loud and chaotic delivery scene in every movie that has one. Whether you’re...

Beating the “Baby Blues”: A Postpartum Survival Guide

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Spring has officially arrived, and with it, signs of new birth everywhere. But for many new moms, those signs of new birth can look a little blue. Vinyak Shanbhag, M.D., the Medical Director of the Postpartum Depression Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital...

Shifting Without Clutching: Planning for Change in Your Estate Documents

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One of my first employers when I was in high school owned a car dealership and an auto repair facility that housed two tow trucks, which he was determined to teach me to drive. Early on in my lessons, when my left foot spent too much time on the clutch pedal,...

Taking it Down a Notch: Protecting your Fetus and Newborn from Ear-Damaging Noise

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by Dennis A. Colucci, Au.D., M.A., FAAA Parents are unsuspecting of the effects of noise on their child’s brain development during pregnancy and thereafter, but new research has shown that noise exposure is something not to be toyed with. Human Hearing is a...

Running for Hearing

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49 miles, 5 kilometers and 1 novice ultra-runner inspired by a baby’s fight Nixon Wildcard Hunter was born with odds stacked against him. The source of his medical fragility is still a mystery, but from day one – Christmas Day, 2012 – he struggled to...

One Big, Happy (and Rather Unique) Family: Circus Vargas Returns to Orange County

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by Jackie Grade Since 1969, Circus Vargas has travelled worldwide to perform death-defying and breathtaking circus stunts that glue onlookers of all ages to the edge of their seats. This all-human circus leaves nothing but wonder, awe and a tinge of mystery...

A Friend in the Irish Sea

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Travel has always been a passion of mine and I truly love visiting new places.  While I try to explore new locations as often as possible, I always find myself being drawn back to a little country town in Ireland named Dingle. After a certain amount of...

Mothering Instinct: How MOMS Orange County is Helping OC Grow Healthy Babies and Strong Families

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Every mom deserves the chance to have a healthy baby. But too many women in Orange County don’t have access to prenatal care or know how to take advantage of services. They may not understand the importance of early intervention or they may lack the...

Nutrition Drill-Down: Growing Smarter Babies by Calming Inflammation

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By Roy Dittmann, OMD, MH, DM  When you reduce the number of micro-infections in your body, levels of a dominant blood protein called albumin increase. High levels of albumin have been correlated with increased human intelligence and longevity. We all harbor...