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The Importance of Making a Plan

January 3, 2014 • 2014, Expert Advice, January 2014, Money Matters, People & ProfilesComments (0)

When I sat down to interview Donald Hunsberger, one of the first questions I asked him was what kind of person he would like to see walking into his office. He didn’t have to think much before answering: A healthy married couple in their mid-thirties, busy raising children, building their careers with the possibility of [&hellip...

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Good Vibes, Good Eats: After 25 years, Wahoo’s is just as tasty

January 3, 2014 • 2014, Community, Cooking & Dining Out, January 2014, People & ProfilesComments (0)

One of Orange County’s most iconic family business stories began on the second floor of a little Chinese restaurant in Sao Paolo, Brazil. That’s where three brothers, Wing, Ed and Mingo, spent their earliest years and where, after school, you could find...

Seeing Green: 6 Ways to Make Your Kids Money Smart

January 3, 2014 • 2014, Big Kids, Home Life, January 2014, Money Matters, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

In the age of Netflix, my youngest daughter rarely sees commercials on television but, if she happens to catch one, I know immediately by the chorus of “I want that.” She is an innate capitalist who has no idea (at the age of 4) that these material...

Discovering Mexico’s Copper Canyon: Adventure, comfort and defying fear in Mexico’s Sierra Madre

January 3, 2014 • 2014, January 2014, TravelComments (1)

My 10-year-old daughter was about to step off the edge of a sheer cliff, with nothing but 100 feet of air between her and the bottom of a canyon, deep in Mexico’s Sierra Madres. What, I asked myself, was I thinking? If her hook didn’t hold, or if the zip...

Investing for Dreams: When it comes to investing, teens have the greatest advantage

January 3, 2014 • 2014, Expert Advice, January 2014, Money Matters, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

Teenagers, as you begin to pursue your dreams and goals, it’s important to remember that even though wealth may not be your focus, building it may just be what allows you to achieve those dreams. Now is the best time to make smart money choices and start...

Healthy Smiles on Wheels: The Kickoff of Smile Mobile 2

January 3, 2014 • 2014, Big Kids, Community, January 2014, Sports, Health & Fitness, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

by Katherine Clements Seven-year-old Amber Galindo had been to the dentist, but it hadn’t gone very well. The doctor wasn’t all that patient, and Amber had some significant needs. Her mother Nancy was at a loss. When she heard about the Clinic in the Park...

Getting it Together: Organizing for the New Year and Forever

January 3, 2014 • 2014, Expert Advice, Home, Home Life, January 2014Comments (2)

Some people are natural-born organizers. Some are happy recipients of careful parental organizational guidance. Let’s just say I’m neither. As small as my home is, it seems I never quite have a handle on all there is coming and going, piling up and...

Mompreneur: Trish Sweeney

January 3, 2014 • 2014, Community, Fashion & Trends, January 2014, People & ProfilesComments (1)

Trish Sweeney’s bag hasn’t hit the ground since 2006. That’s when she bought a purse hook in a Chicago store. Chances are if you’re a mom you’ve either considered a purse hook or made the plunge… and chances are it didn’t quite work out in some...

Your Child’s Vulnerable Brain

January 3, 2014 • 2014, Babies, Big Kids, January 2014, Sports, Health & Fitness, Teens and Pre-Teens, ToddlersComments (0)

YOUR CHILD’S VULNERABLE BRAIN: Bumps to the head can impact your child’s brain for years to come How many times have our children bumped their heads? My granddaughter slipped and fell on a marble floor running through the kitchen in her socks when she...

Your Child’s Friendly Neighborhood Bank

January 3, 2014 • 2014, Big Kids, January 2014, Money Matters, Teens and Pre-TeensComments (0)

YOUR CHILD’S FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD BANK: Community banking can help make your kids money smart. by Matthew Terry Kids love advertising. And advertisers love kids. Advertising drives many of the perceptions held by our youth on everything from society...