4 Ways to Dress Up a Plain White Plate

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With everything that you have to worry about around the holidays, why make decorating the table for those big family meals an ordeal? Here are four simple and inexpensive ways to make your guests feel like you took way more time than you did to show
them they are welcome and special at your holiday table – even if all you have to work with is an everyday white plate.

All materials suggested here you can find at your local craft store.

diy placemat1) A Thankful Place Mat

Family, fall leaves, handmade cranberry sauce… we are all thankful for something. Give your guests the opportunity to express their thanks right at their own place setting. All you need is brown kraft paper, a white opaque marker, et voila!
A fill-in-the-blank place setting that can keep your guests entertained while you figure out that handmade
cranberry sauce.
Kraft Paper: $2.99/roll • White Craft Marker: $1.99

gold charger & pumpkin


2) Charge on Ahead!

A simple charger is quite possibly the easiest way to dress up your holiday table. Just throw one underneath your dinner plate, put a mini pumpkin on top, and you have an incredibly elegant, minimalist place setting for next to no cost. Carve out a little slot in the pumpkin’s stem, put some washi tape on a piece of kraft paper, and you’ve got yourself a name tag in two minutes or less.
Gold Charger: $1.99 • Mini Pumpkin: $.99/each


3) Bringing the Harvest to the Table 

Gorgeous wheat stalks are handy as a festive decoration for a plain white napkin. Simply roll the napkin, bind it loosely with some twine, and place the wheat stalk through the middle. It adds a pop of color and serves as a lovely representation of
the season.
Jute Twine: $2.49/50 yards • Wheat Stalks: $5.99/bouquet



4) A Splash of Color

With this setting, you can celebrate all that fall should be in its colorful glory. Simply lay your most colorful napkin atop that classic white dinner plate, stack your bread plate on that, and use a fabric leaf (or a real one if you can find it!) to denote who sits where. At the end of the night, your guests can take their leaves as a last taste of the Thanksgiving festivities.
Fabric Leaves: $1.99/10 pieces

fall leaf & napkin

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